Change Your Life Forever. Hollow Rock has a great program for youth! 
Packed with fun & adventure, solid Bible teaching and age specific discipleship.




8:00am - Breakfast 

9:30am - Youth Service (Youth Tab) 

10:30am - Main Tab Service  

12:00pm - Lunch 

1:15pm - Silent Bell (3minute prayer) 

1:30pm - Team RecreationEX

3:30pm - WingDings 

5:00pm - Supper 

6:53pm - Choir Practice 

7:30pm - Main Tab Service 

9:30pm - KANEglow (Youth Tab) 

10:30pm - Silent Bell

11:00pm - Get some ZZZ!


Jon Truex • Your Fearless Leader

Jon has been coming to Hollow Rock since infancy and fearlessly leading our youth since 1995.

Born and raised in the town of Waynesburg, Ohio, Jon is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry & Missions. At OCU he met his wife, Jodie, and throughout their marriage they have served in youth & children’s ministry. The Truexs have five children – Jeremiah, Kiirsten, Lauren, Mackenzie, and Natalie. In his free time Jon enjoys basketball, golf, 4 wheeling/go carts, and pelting teens with paintballs.


The Sweet Sugar Kane

Michaele Kane has also been coming to Hollow Rock since infancy and has been faithfully assisting our fearless leader in serving the youth for an unbelievable number of years!


[includes registration, meals, activities & dorm]


All teens must register upon arriving on grounds.
Registration Options:

1. Register for meals, lodging, and programming for the entire camp $150
or $17.50/day

2. Register as cottage lodging without meals $5.00/day.

Each student will need a Medical Release Form if no Parent/Guardian is present at camp.


What To Bring
the Short List: 

Bible, notebook, pen

Personal Items 

Casual Clothes

Evening Service Clothes 

Recreation clothes (they may get wet, dirty) 

Bed linens or Sleeping Bag / Pillow / Towel 

Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste/brush, deodorant...)

Extra spending money & Gifts for Pastor Jon 

Camera, Umbrella, A FRIEND!

Casual Dress is considered Jeans & T-shirts. 

To the Ladies: Casual Dress can be worn during meals at the cafeteria and morning services. We encourage you to wear dress slacks and a nice top for the evening services. 

NOTE: Spaghetti strap dresses and tops, mini-skirts, strapless tops or dresses, midriffs, short-shorts, halter/tube tops, and the like are not acceptable attire for camp. 

To the Gentlemen: Khakis and collared shirts are the norm for evening services. Casual Dress is appropriate during meals and morning services (see above). 

Try to avoid wearing Jeans & T-shirts to evening service. 

To both the Guys & Gals: 

- All under-attire has to be covered and not visible. 

- Shorts can be worn during recreation and afterglows. 

[Remember, you don't want Pastor Jon to pick out your outfit - he's terrible at it!]